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Manage Real Estate Listings - Save Time and Money

For the REALTOR or Real Estate Professional, posting new listings on the Internet can be key to increasing sales. Did you know posting fresh listings can also boost traffic at a real estate web site? Property List Pro is search engine optimized software designed for the busy real estate professional who wants to post or delete their own listings in real time, when they occur.

Article Posting for Real Estate Professionals

Property List Pro also comes with some unique features such as the ability to upload new articles to a site. Web site promotion experts and programmers agree that the best way to promote a web site is by populating the Internet with original articles written and disseminated regularly. Boost search engine rankings with articles which help generate qualified leads, especially from relocation and-out-of-state home buyers searching for homes on the internet.

Search Engine Optimized Real Estate Web Site

All text and new listings added to the site is easily crawled by search engines, making the Property List Pro Site Search Engine Optimized. In other words, this site is built to be recognized by search engines, and with continuous updating of listings and articles, the site will perform well on search engines and be competitive with other real estate sites.

Custom Design

Real Estate Professionals receive a completely fresh, unique and creative design with the purchase of a Property List Pro package.

Capture Web Site Visitor Information

Property List Pro enables the real estate professional to capture and manage visitor information to the site, a valuable asset for follow-up on internet real estate leads.

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